ABM - Executive Summary - Rev

Executive Summary Report
Created: 5:00:00 am 25-Jan-12
For all machines in all groups
For data collected in the last 30 days
Client Information
Contact Person  
IT Manager  
Servers Managed 1
Workstations Managed 6
Total Systems Managed 7
System Activity Last 30 Days
Audits Completed22
Backups Completed0
Ticket Status
Tickets Created Last 30 Days 0
Total Tickets Past Due 0
Tickets Closed Last 30 Days 0
Summary Statistics
Machine Installation Ratio 0/7
Disk Space Used
Server Uptime
Machine ID % Uptime
abm-server1.base.myOrg 99.93%
Network Health Score
Patch Score68%* 1/7
OS Score100%* 1/7
Disk Score81%* 1/7
Ticket Score100%* 1/7
Event Log Score96%* 1/7
Backup ScoreN/A* N/A
Alarm Score100%* 1/7
Srv Uptime Score100%* 1/7
Wrk Uptime ScoreN/A* N/A
Anti-Virus ScoreN/A* N/A
Anti-Malware ScoreN/A* N/A
Operating Systems
Patch Status
Patch Scans Completed 24
Patches Installed 85
Alarm Notifications
AlertNew Agent Installed7
AlertEvent Log1
AlertPCI Configuration Change1
AlertDisk Configuration Change1
No System Alarms Found0
No SNMP Alarms Found0
No System Check Alarms Found0
No Log Parser Alarms Found0
License Summary
Windows 2008 Server Standard Edition Service Pack 2 Build 6002  1
Total 1

Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 Build 7601  2
Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Edition Service Pack 1 Build 7601  1
Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 Build 2600  1
Windows XP Professional Edition Service Pack 3 Build 2600  2
Total 6

Microsoft Office Licenses 
Office 2010 2
Office 2007 4
Office 2003 0
Office XP 0
Office 2000 0
Office 97 0
Total 6
How To Read This Report:
System Activity
  • Audits Completed - The total number of times machines have been audited for hardware and software changes.
  • Customer Specific - The total number of times machines... (based on customer criteria).
  • Backups Completed - The total number of times machines have been successfully backed up.
Ticket Status This section provides a quick overview on the status of Help Desk Tickets. A good status indication is that there are no overdue tickets and more closed tickets than open tickets.
Disk Space Used Displays the percentage of hard drive space used on either all machines or just servers. These relate to network drives or shared folders. A good status indicator is that the space used is less than 60%.
Network Health Score This is a weighted average calculation that provides an At a Glance overall all network health score. Individual items are scored 0% (lowest) to 100% (highest). Scores are totaled, averaged and weighted to generate a percentage.
Operating Systems Displays the different Windows operating system platforms installed on machines in the network. A good status indicator is that all mission critical machines or server have Windows 2000 or higher installed.
Patch Status Displays the current number of patches needing to be installed on machines in the network. A good status indicator is zero un-scanned machines and a very low number of machines missing patches. Also includes number of patch scans completed and the number of patches installed.
Alarm Notifications Displays the total number of each alarm notification generated. Alarms are not generally bad or good. Alarms are the result of proactive monitoring of key system elements. Alarms provide the basis for behind the scene actions that keep the network healthy and operational.
License Summary Displays the total of all Microsoft Server, Workstation and Office licenses.