The Difference Is..


We are always on the look out for those "little nuggets" that will help reduce this cycle. The core services we focus on are:

If you do a web search on terms such as "IT Support" or terms similar to that, you will come up with page after page after page of companies that can provide those services to you, some of whom we've done business with over the years. However, they tend to stress the "IT" part of things. We used to be the same way as our name originally focused on "software". Over the years though, it's become clear to us that in order for any company to succeed, you have to realize that "IT" is only part of the solution.

In successful companies, IT is usually only one part of the equation. There's a reason that there are Sales, Marketing (though these two are merging in todays marketplace), Executive, IT departments. Until your budgets and revenue hit a certain "critical mass", it's likely that you may be the person responsible for performing more than one (if not all) of these roles, some of which may make you feel REAL uncomfortable.

Businesses are usually created in order to make money. In order to make money you have to perform a service or deliver some sort of product (which is probably your area of expertise). Everything is OK up to that point but the "wheels fall of the wagon" when you try to clearly answer the question, "How do I get the work?" That's where things get interesting. Today, the technology exists that can help you in that area by providing economical ways for you to stay in touch with and keep your name out in front of your customers/clients and help bring in repeat business. Read more about these items under the IT Services section of our site.

As we stated earlier, IT is only part of the solution. Making sure that the day-to-day operations flow smoothly is another area that sets us apart. Smooth running equipment means nothing if you can't properly get the client information you need into or out of the system. How easily can you put your hands on warranty information for a job from a couple of years ago. Does anyone ever mention that? These kinds of things make us different. Read more about these services under the Admin Services section of our site.