'Tune-Up' or 'Jump Start'?

Atlanta Business Mechanix focuses on helping you leverage the same kinds of technologies that even the largest corporations have adopted such as:

  • Voice Over IP telephony to reduce phone expenses. Services are available today that allow the creation of multiple mailboxes for the various departments in your business. "Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Customer Service, 3 for Mr. X". It all might ring to your phone, but you've given your customers options and you are as big sounding as any of your competition. These services are available for under $30/month.
  • Remote equipment monitoring. Chances are, your network isn't big enough yet to need a full time person to keep it up and running or maybe it's just not in the budget yet and that's where we come in. For $30/month per workstation or $50/month for servers, we'll keep an eye on the health of your equipment for you. Our services let us know a problem is starting to occur before it becoms fatal. We can let you know if something is getting ready to go bad and what needs to be done to prevent uneccessary down time.
  • Ensuring that if a server/workstation fails or has a problem, you're back up in a couple of hours - not days or weeks or never. If something fails, how long can you afford to be down? Could you get the equipment back and running in the same state it was before it failed? How many hours/days would it take and what all would you not have on the new equipment that you later realized you need? Our solutions cover those contingencies.
  • Is your corporate website getting a bit "long in the tooth" and in need of a freshener or maybe, you just wish that you had a different look to it. Check! We can help.

    IT doesn't end here. We're used to providing Tech Support. For most folks, if you're day job isn't in IT, there's a real good chance that you would appreciate having someone that can provide you with clear, simple answers. (We provide Tech Support for our families so you know we have to know how to deal with people.)

    Wish you had somebody to be able to provide IT support when you need it without some expensive contract and that can explain to you what's wrong and what's got to be done to fix it without your having to have technology translator handy? Do you need that person to realize that you don't have an ulimited budget? It's one of the services we started out company on back in the 1990's.

    We also offer a Technology Review session where we analyze how you're currently using technology in your business and see how we can improve your services and where we might be able to reduce expenditures. We'll look at your phone system and other equipment you are using as well your Marketing expenditures. We can probably get "more bang for the buck" than what you're doing right now. We're so confident that you'll agree with our results and the solutions we can provide to you that if you invite us in to do a systems review with you, we'll even do the monitoring of one of your workstations for a month for no charge to you. Use our Contact form to schedule an appointment and request your month of monitoring.

    E-MAIL: sshaw@atlbusinessmechanix.com]